Announcement – Biophilia Summit set for June 18-20, 2018

Announcing the first Biophilia Summit

This exciting international Summit will allow access opportunities to a diverse group of individuals who originate from a variety of disciplines and careers yet who share a common interest in, and love for, Nature. Since the survival and well-being of the species who share our biosphere is approaching crisis point, this Summit is designed to facilitate a free exchange of ideas as well as to encourage communication and collaboration among the participants before, during and after the proceedings.

Among the delegates who we would encourage to attend are: conservationists, zoologists, philosophers, botanists, psychologists, climate scientists, NGOs, creative artists, biologists, educators, sociologists,  therapists, cultural theorists, counsellors, teachers, musicians, medical professionals, writers, pharmacologists, clergy, neuroscientists, theologians, parents, political scientists, hospitality industry or tourism professionals, public relations and advertising professionals, economists, journalists, reseachers, and anyone else who has a contribution to make regarding the biophilia perspective.


Mount Melleray Abbey

Waterford, Ireland


June 18-20, 2018


Want to be a speaker at this conference? Please respond to our Call for Papers, which you can download here:




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